Growth in The Shale Oil Industry

By | July 21, 2017

Shale oil is an unusual substance found in shale oil rock. Unlike petroleum oil, organic matter is converted into this valuable substance and sold as an alternate fuel once it’s refined. It was discovered sometime in the fourteenth century and used as a pitch and tar. It was once believed that it has healing properties. Later, it was used a fuel to light the streets of France. More recently it has been used as an alternative to petroleum oil. After a decade of growth in the United States and Canada, the shale oil industry is going global. Recently, a deal has been struck that allows access to the second largest gas deposit in the world and the fourth largest oil deposit in the world.

Initially, the Energy Information Administration took a survey. This survey showed a lot of promise for the potential market of shale oil. While the Shale Oil Roadmap shows large deposits in many parts of the world, the majority of the map hasn’t been surveyed. this means there are endless opportunities for those interested in the shale oil industry. The market in the United States and Canada are strong, it’s the rest of the world that shows so much promise. The shale oil industry is about to take the world by storm and there are plenty of spots left for hungry investors. Investing now can set the stage for the next big boom in energy and fuel. If there’s one industry that can always show a profit, it’s the fuel industry.

The recent deal in south America will allow investors to make a difference in how the world fuels everything from vehicles to the appliances in homes. South American companies are open to contracts and the slots for investors are filling fast. Potential investors can visit online and discover some of the opportunities available to them. Progress has been slow because there is a clear lack of infrastructure. This is changing quickly with more investors moving quickly. This monopoly is changing into a valid industry and creating more and more opportunities with the potential to show huge amounts of profit for anyone who gets in on the ground floor.